Make Controller Kit

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The Make Controller Kit is a fully programmable,open source hardware platform for projects requiring high performance control/feedback, connectivity, and ease of use. It can also be used as an interface to a variety of desktop environments like Max/MSP, Flash, and Processing, Java, Python, Ruby - anything that supports OSC.

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The Make Controller is a full-featured microcontroller platform.  It features:

8 analog inputs - 10-bit inputs read voltages from 0-3.3V while protecting the controller from higher voltages.
8 high current digitial outputs - can be configured to drive 8 individual outputs, 4 DC motors, 2 stepper motors, or any combination.
4 standard servo controllers - easily provide external power for driving large loads.
8 position DIP switch - for manual configuration.
USB and Ethernet interfaces - can be used simultaneously.
CAN interface - for networking several boards together.
JTAG port - for on-chip debugging.

The Make Controller communicates with the outside world via OSC (Open Sound Control), which means it can interface easily with many desktop programming environments that also support OSC:
Max/MSP  Flash  Processing  .NET C#  Ruby  Python  Java
and any other environment that supports OSC.
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