DIY Design Electronics Kit

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

 spent some time with Amy & Ariel from Sparkle Labs, makers of the DIY electronics kit we have in our Maker Shed Store, check it out!

Here's the M4V for iTunes, iPods, iPhones, etc...

Wondering what the deal is with all these electronics projects we post here on MAKE:Blog? Getting familiar with the basics can seem a bit daunting - but it's really not so complex. Here's an affordable kit that'll get your feet wet proper -
DIY Design Electronics Kit - Harness the power of the electron! Create games, toys, and contraptions with these fundamental components. Follow the easy instructions to make a light detector, LED flasher, noisemaker and more! Once you master the basics, you'll be ready to create your own! Everything you need to get started is right in the box, including switches, buttons, diodes, capacitors. transistors and regulators. Learn the amazing concepts of resistance, capacitance, voltage and current with the step-by-step project manual. Soon, you will be the electronics wizard! Great introduction to electronics for all ages.
By Sparkle Labs. (Heck, sounds like I might need one myself) - DIY Design Electronics Kit


Here's a quick with Amy Parness of Sparkle Labs shot by Brian Jepson @ Bay Area Maker Faire - Thanks Brian!

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